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If you haven’t experienced the joy of 60-Second Science, now is your chance. It’s the Webby-nominated daily podcast from Scientific American.

It’s quirky and nerdy, but most important: it’ll only take a minute.

Here’s a list of my podcasts produced this past Spring. Just roll over the title to click and listen!

Sense of Smell Restored By Growth Factor Therapy – how people who have never smelled are beginning to detect scents for the first time in their lives. April 30, 2007

Boxing Batters Brain Even With Headgear – how amateur boxers suffer brain damage equivalent to that of a minor stroke…even wearing head protection. May 2, 2007

Enzyme Points Way to Pacemaker Drug – how an enzyme can slow down a racing heart. May 14, 2007

Presence of Passengers Increases Accident Risk – passengers and mobile phones can be deadly in cars. May 25, 2007

Look out for a new podcast, 60-Second Psych, launching August 23 on Scientific American. This podcast will be hosted by your favorite redheaded reporter and will feature research from the always interesting world of mind, brain and behavior!

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